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Our Mist Systems Services include installation, Servicing & Repairing of the iCO Mist System🔗.

Aspis Fire Safety is a well-established company based in London since 2018.


About us

"Our company specializes in – as the name suggests – Fire Safety Services. “Aspis” is an Ancient Greek word meaning "Shield”

Aspis Fire Safety provides Mist System services which include installation, servicing, repairs and upgrades of the iCO Mist system, which is cost effective as well as eco-friendly compared to a traditional sprinkler system.

Our Services

Aspis Fire Safety provides Mist System services which include installation, servicing, repairs and upgrades of the iCO Mist system


Fire Sprinkler System Installation

As a Certified ICO Installing Company, we fully install the ICO System that complies with BS8458:2015

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Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance & Servicing

The ICO System needs to be serviced on an annual basis. Upon completion of the annual service, a yearly system certificate will be issued to the client

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Fire Sprinkler System Repair Services

The ICO Mist System is fully reliable and trustworthy. However despite quality controls and high manufacturing standards, since it is still a machine, it has to be checked in an annual basis. If it breaks, we can fix it. As specialists, we upgrade previous versions of the system, to make them stable, reliable and ready to protect your family in an event of a fire.

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Why iCO

iCO® offers a more effective, cost efficient, sustainable and less damaging alternative to conventional fire sprinkler systems. Operating independently, and using 80% less water than traditional sprinkler systems, our discreet nozzles cause much less water damage in the event of a fire; whilst providing real time alerts to notify the owner.

Benefits of using iCO


Rapid Response

The system eliminates the two combustion elements of a fire by cooling & reducing the oxygen at the base of the fire.

Reliable Activation

The nozzles are highly reliable and can be activated by a double knock trigger (heat and smoke): as an option to reduce the risk of false activation.

Highly Adaptable

Our water mist system can be installed in almost any residential or domestic category project.

Environmentally Friendly

The system only uses water from the mains when needed: saving vast amounts of water. Compared to traditional sprinklers, iCO system uses 80% less water.

Water Requirement

The system is designed to operate using the lowest flow and pressure possible (12l/min @ 1 bar).

Discreet & Compact

The pump unit will fit in most kitchen cabinets. The nozzles are the most discreet on the market and can be colour matched to any colour.


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Kostas & his team are quick to turn up on site, highly efficient, and provide great customer service. We regularly convert period properties into flats and used them on multiple sites. They've quickly become our preferred supplier of misting systems."

Michael W (London)

Used Kostas and his team at Aspis Ltd for the installation of a mist sprinkler system in my daughters semi-detached house in Brentwood Essex. It was a very professional experience from start to finish. Kostas explained exactly how the installation would be carried out with diagrams and data sheets sent by email. The whole installation was completed in two visits, (1st and 2nd fix). I would not hesitate to use again or recommend to anyone.

Kevin Game (Essex Area)

Certified High Pressure Water Mist Specialists.

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