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  • Fire Sprinkler System Maintenance & Servicing

    We are a highly experienced fire sprinkler system maintenance & servicing expert, offering cost-effective iCO Fire mist system inspection, testing & servicing. We know that fire sprinkler system maintenance cost is a concern, but it is essential to ensure that your investment in a sprinkler system is kept in full working order. We undertake Home Fire Sprinkler System Inspection and maintenance services and work hard to keep our services affordable. So get in touch and discover why when it comes to fire sprinkler systems UK property owners trust us to shield them from fire.

    Can fire sprinkler heads be cleaned?
    When it comes to fire sprinkler system maintenance and servicing, sprinkler heads not only can be cleaned, they absolutely must be cleaned. In the event that the system needs to be activated a dirty and blocked up sprinkler head will not allow for the free flow of water and can compromise the efficiency of the system.

    When should you change sprinkler heads?
    Home fire sprinkler system maintenance protocols call for the replacement of fire sprinkler heads every five years. Should a sprinkler head be damaged or malfunctioning it should be replaced immediately. Your sprinkler system is useless if the sprinkler heads fail to work when they are needed, so a reasonable level of maintenance is required.

    What is the life expectancy of a fire sprinkler system?
    With a proper fire sprinkler system testing and inspection regime a water based sprinkler system can be expected to last for between fifteen and twenty years.

    Do fire sprinklers need to be flushed?
    Fire sprinkler system maintenance and servicing is incredibly important to ensure your system performs when it is needed. As a part of a regular residential fire sprinkler system maintenance regime a water based system should be flushed every five years to check for the “presence of organic or inorganic material”. Essentially debris can get into even a closed system, and if allowed to build up this can impede water flow.

    Can you reuse sprinkler heads?
    Recycling is almost always a good thing – but we would caution against it in this case. As a fire sprinkler maintenance specialist we know the importance of having sprinkler heads in top condition. No matter how careful you are there is always the chance that the action of removing a sprinkler head will cause damage, so once removed, always discard.
    How often should fire suppression systems be checked?
    We would strongly advise that a comprehensive fire sprinkler system inspection should be undertaken on all water based sprinklers no less than once a year.

    How long do sprinkler systems last?
    As detailed above, you can expect a water based system to last up to twenty years so long as the system is properly maintained.

    How do I maintain my sprinkler system?
    iCO fire mists maintenance is a relatively unintrusive operation because of the way the system is designed. However, because it is such an important system which must be relied upon to perform perfectly whenever it is required we would recommend that you always call in specialist iCO mist systems servicing engineers and leave the maintenance of your sprinkler system to them.

    Who is allowed to inspect them?
    Fire sprinkler inspection should be undertaken by an independent third party – that is to say that inspections should not be carried out by the owner or occupier of the building in question.

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