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Why iCO

iCO Products is a trading name of HiPro Industries Limited. A member of the FPA and an ISO9001 registered company. We are accredited for the design, manufacture and supply of water mist systems for rapid and effective fire suppression in homes and residential properties.

Our patented technology is manufactured in Great Britain and sold through a network of accredited distributors throughout the United Kingdom and overseas.

iCO has been independently tested by Warrington Fire, a UKAS accredited laboratory. The iCO fire suppression system meets the performance requirements of BS8458:2015 Domestic & Residential Water Mist Standards.

The Loss Prevention Certification Board (LPCB) certification🔗 is your guarantee that iCO Fire Suppression Products are manufactured to the highest quality control standards to meet the appropriate performance and safety standards.

iCO® water mist fire suppression systems are more effective, reliable and high-pressure domestic as well as commercial sprinkler systems. Contact London’s top-rated iCO fire mists systems installers now!
A mist sprinkler system can protect your property from fire – using a fine fog like mist to swamp a fire, without the need for space wasting water storage tanks. As a leading iCO mist systems installer we have extensive experience in protecting lives and property across London. For fast and efficient installation of an iCO system, London property owners have trusted us for several years.

How much does an iCO mist system cost in the UK?
iCO fire mists systems are relatively inexpensive when compared with other comparable water based fire suppression systems. The actual cost of installation will of course be dependent on the size and design of the property in which the system is going to be fitted, but as a general guide installing an iCO mist system into an average three bedroom house will cost between three and five thousand pounds.

Can I install my own iCO fire mists system?
Depending on the specific circumstances of your property there is no rule stating that you cannot install mist sprinkler system yourself. However, if your property is subject to any of the regulations which mandate fire sprinkler systems, or you want to be sure your insurance company will recognise that your mist sprinkler system reliable and effective it must be both installed and regularly maintained by qualified engineers. For installation of an iCO mist system London property owners cannot do better than to call Aspis.

Are sprinklers required by law UK? Is it a legal requirement to have sprinklers?
In the United Kingdom the majority of buildings under thirty metres tall are not currently required by law or building regulations to have a fire sprinkler system. However, given the devastation to both life and property that can be caused by fire an efficient mist fire suppression system will protect your property, safeguard the lives of the people within it and may even help to lower your buildings insurance premiums.

Can a fire suppression mist system go off accidentally?
With an appropriate fire sprinkler servicing regime accidental activation of fire sprinkler systems is extremely unlikely. The sprinkler heads iCO mist systems that we recommend are independently activated by heat, which means there is no possibility of the sprinklers being triggered by the activation of a fire alarm.

Where the mist sprinkler system should be placed?
Accidental activation of an iCO fire sprinkler system is extremely unlikely. The iCO mist systems that we recommend are independently activated by heat – so there is no possibility that the sprinklers could be triggered by a separate fire alarm. So long as the system is properly maintained you should never experience any difficulties.

How do I maintain my iCO fire mists systems?
Domestic mist sprinkler system maintenance should be carried out by properly certified engineers. Maintenance is therefore easy from the point of view of the property owner. Simply make an appointment with a properly qualified firm with experience in maintaining iCO fire mists systems.

Does an ICO system have to be installed by a certified professional?
ICO fire suppression systems must be installed by properly certified professional engineers if they are to be recognised by regulatory authorities, insurance companies and warranty. For proper installation of a fire mist system London property owners simply need to call Aspis.

How does the nozzle operate?
The iCO mist system is activated by heat. When inactive the sprinkler head is closed by a frangible bulb which is broken by heat, opening the valve and releasing a calculated amount of mist to swamp the fire. Because this is a high pressure Mist Fire Suppression System the mist is very fine, like fog, using around eighty percent less water than a traditional “rain” system meaning that there will be substantially less water damage should the system needs to be used.

What size and weight is the pump?
ICO mist system fire protection systems utilise patented compact pump technology. The domestic mist sprinkler system is supplied from the mains water system via a pump measuring 342mm by 342mm by 495 mm weighing a mere twenty four kilograms. This makes the iCO high pressure water mist system ideal for installation in domestic and small commercial situations when space is at a premium.

How many nozzles do I need to protect my space?
The number of nozzles needed for a fire suppression mist system to protect a space is largely dependent on the size and shape of the space. Generally speaking for full mist system fire protection one sprinkler head can provide protection for a space of up to two hundred square feet, if the space is a regular shape. It is advisable to get the advice of a mist fire protection systems engineer who can assess how many nozzles are required to protect your space and where they should be positioned.

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