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    Fire Sprinkler Systems have been the solution for the fire protection of domestic, residential, commercial & industrial spaces. However, for the past several years a new advanced technology is available to provide an alternative solution to fire protection. iCO is a revolutionary high pressure water mist system🔗 that can not only offer full protection at a competitive price, but it is fully compliant with BS: 8458:2015 & BS: 9252:2011. Our expert installers are only 1 call away. So, don’t waste time searching for “fire sprinkler system installation near me” – come straight to the specialists at Aspis.

    Get fire sprinkler system installation at a low cost! Our expert installer provides iCO water mist fire suppression system installation for residential, commercial & industrial spaces. We also undertake both commercial and Home Fire Sprinkler System Repair – so don’t waste time searching for “fire sprinkler system installation near me” – come straight to the specialists at Aspis.

    What are the most common fire sprinkler systems?
    Most fire sprinkler systems UK residents will encounter will be “wet” systems, which use water to extinguish fires or “dry” systems which use inert gasses such as Nitrogen to smother fires. As experienced commercial and residential fire sprinkler system contractors we recommend the iCO mist system, a wet sprinkler system which uses eighty percent less water than more traditional installations.

    How long will it take to install fire sprinklers?
    Fire sprinkler system installation will obviously take an amount of time that will vary depending on the size and complexity of the job. As a rough guide a home fire sprinkler system installation in an average three bedroomed house will take roughly three to four days.

    What will sprinkler installation cost?
    Fire sprinkler installation cost will also vary depending on the size and design of the property in which the system is to be installed. The nature of the iCO system which we recommend means that fire sprinkler installation will generally be less expensive than other comparable systems. Contact us to arrange an assessment of your specific property.

    What types of buildings can use fire sprinklers?
    As an iCO mist system installation specialist we can install mist sprinkler systems into all kinds of domestic and commercial property. Any building which might be at risk from fire, which is essentially all buildings, can benefit from the protection of a fire suppression sprinkler system.

    How do I arrange fire sprinkler installation?
    We recommend that you contact an experienced iCO mist systems installer to arrange for the installation of a domestic or commercial/industrial fire sprinkler system. The easiest thing to do is call Aspis on 078408 66551 and arrange for us to come and quote for installation.

    What are the different types of fire sprinkler heads?
    There are four main types of fire sprinkler head: Pendent, Upright, Sidewall and Concealed. Our fire sprinkler head installation specialists will be able to advise on which style of head is best suited you your particular environment.

    What is the maximum distance between two sprinkler heads?
    For both commercial and residential fire sprinkler installation the ideal distance between sprinkler heads will vary according to the configuration of the space and the level of fire threat. However, generally speaking there should never be any more than fifteen feet between sprinkler heads if they are to be effective.

    How many fire sprinkler heads do I need?
    Again, for both commercial and residential fire sprinkler installation the number of sprinkler heads required will depend on the size and shape of the space. As a rough guide one sprinkler head would normally be capable of protecting an evenly shaped space of up to two hundred square feet. We would advise very strongly that you consult appropriately qualified and experienced fire sprinkler installation engineers for advice on the number of sprinklers required for each individual space.

    How is fire sprinkler spacing calculated?
    Fire sprinkler system installation is something of a precise science. There are a number of equations which take into account the height of the sprinkler, the available water pressure, the size of the space and other factors. It is complicated, but when undertaken by somebody with the appropriate training, very precise.

    How far can a sprinkler head be from a wall?
    For both domestic commercial fire sprinkler system installation there are currently no regulations which dictate the minimum distance between a sprinkler head and a wall. As iCO fire mists installation specialists we would simply point out that locating a sprinkler head too close to a wall will reduce the area of the room which is protected by that head.

    Can you install a fire sprinkler system yourself?
    Depending on the specific circumstances of your property there is no rule stating that you cannot undertake Fire Sprinkler System Installation yourself. However, if the property in question is subject to regulations which mandate Fire Sprinkler Systems, or if you want to be sure your fire safety sprinkler system is effective and reliable it must be both installed and maintained by properly qualified mist systems installer engineers.

    What are the two main types of mist systems?
    There are two main types of Mist System: Low pressure and high pressure mist. Low pressure mist systems are similar to conventional sprinkler systems – they use very similar infrastructure, but the heads emit finer water droplets. High pressure systems like the iCO system we recommend use very high pressure water pumps and pipework which is fed around the building to the mist heads. High pressure mist uses up to eighty percent less water because the mist is as fine as fog.

    How much does a misting system cost?
    The cost of fire sprinkler system installation will vary based on the size complexity of the property in which the system is to be installed. The modular nature of the iCO mist fire sprinkler system means that it will usually be less expensive than other systems. Contact us to arrange an assessment of your specific property.

  • Excellent Quality Assured

    iCO is independently tested in line with automatic water fire suppression systems standards.

  • Fully Compliant with British Standards

    3rd Party Fire Test & Product Approval.

    BS: 8458:2015 for Residential and domestic water mist systems

    BS: 9252:2011 Components for residential sprinkler systems.

  • Easy Installation

    iCO simple design and flexible hoses make installation a breeze when compared to conventional sprinkler systems.

  • Minimal Water Damage

    On average iCO uses 80% less water than traditional sprinklers: minimising water damage whilst providing the same performance.

Certified High Pressure Water Mist Specialists.

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